Take it from the girl you claimed to love you’re gonna get some bad karma.
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Richard Nowitz

Every time I come here I feel alone
I’m closer to you than I am at home
But I feel further and further away

Different state, same heartbreak
Are we given life just to take
Up in smoke taking my own body
Poison killing other souls
State your fine on repeat hoping it will give you a heartbeat
Don’t want to think about it

Every time I come here I’m taken aback
Hating the strength that I lack
Just to be alone

And everyone’s getting so old
I keep trying to swim but it’s too far and it’s too cold
You could say I’m seeing with a bad attitude
But I’ve never felt pain with such a magnitude
And acted so numb

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Q: I hope you're doing okay. Don't let this get to you, he was stupid to let someone like you go. Xo

Thank you for the kind words, but I think most is through fault of my own. I clung to something that wasn’t a big deal as an outlet for other things that were affecting me when I should I have been honest. It’s hard in relationships when both individuals have their own struggles. I’m working my way through some family stuff and it’s made me more receptive of the issues that people have and don’t let on about. At this point I am staying as strong as I can because my family around me need that and I am respecting and taking advantage of the space. Shit happens, to everyone, you just gotta deal with it. I can only think that at this point that whatever is meant to happen will happen. My heart hurts so much love for the interest in my wellbeing x

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You can drink too much
and forget the night before
but I’ve learned you
can never drink enough
to forget the people
you’ve loved and lost. Beau Taplin (A Most Unfortunate Truth)

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All night, every night.

Dreaming ‘bout you

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